Board of Directors

Kirt Barden


Lighthouse Vocational Services

Kirt is the CEO of Lighthouse Vocational Services since 2015 and has 25 years of experience in corporate management, turn-around, and employee motivation.  He served as the Vice President of two of the four largest truck rental companies in the United States.  At Rollins Systems, he was in charge of a budget of $550 million along with 20,000 trucks, tractors and trailers.  He trained and motivated over 1000 emerging leaders in leadership development, attitude, and organizational management.  Kirt has also owned three separate businesses, including one which performed medical exams for life insurance companies, which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  

Cliff Sauder

Board Chair

CH Sauder Trucking LLC

Clifford and his wife, Anna Mae, live in East Earl, PA, and are blessed with three children.  They are members of the Weaverland Mennonite Church in the Lancaster Mennonite Conference, where they are youth advisors and where Cliff enjoys leading discussion in various Sunday School classes.  Cliff and his brother have a trucking business which specializes in hauling cabinets and furniture.   He has travelled on mission trips to Africa and Romania, to help build relationships and bring encouragement to churches there.  Something Cliff appreciates about Lighthouse is working with the staff and other members of the Board at a place where people believe that God values every person, and that each person has purpose.  Clifford serves on the Executive Committee and has served on the LVS Board since 2010.

Dale Martin

Board Vice Chair

Brickerville Electric

Dale and his wife Brenda have been married for 29 years and have two daughters and two sons.  They live in Denver, PA and belong to the Weaverland Conference and attend Meadow Valley Church.  Dale works at Brickerville Electric in Lititz as a purchasing agent and scheduler, as well as doing some estimating and project managing.  Brenda has the full time job of keeping the home fires burning.  Ryan, their eldest son, has been working 4 days a week at Lighthouse since 2007.  As a Board member, Dale hopes to be able to help keep Lighthouse’s great program running smoothly for years to come, that it may continue to provide for those in need. Dale serves on the Fundraising Committee and the Nominating Committee and has served on the LVS Board since 2015.

Adam Rank


Acuity Advisors & CPAs

Adam and his wife, Megan, live in New Holland with their daughter and attend Worship Center in Leola, PA.  As a CPA with Acuity Advisors and CPA’s, Adam assists farming operations and agri-businesses with understanding their accounting and complying with tax laws.  Adam hopes to play a part in helping Lighthouse continue its mission into the future.  He joined the LVS Board in 2018 and serves on the Finance Committee and the Property Committee.

Elizabeth VanPelt

Board Secratary

Lancaster General Hospital

Liz and her husband Kevin live in Lancaster, PA and have two young children.  She grew up in New Holland, PA and graduated from Garden Spot High School.  Liz and her husband are actively involved with and attend Calvary Church in Lancaster.  Liz has a Master’s degree in Social Work and is currently in school for a Master’s in Healthcare Administration.  She worked in Child Welfare for about 4 years prior to moving into her current role at Lancaster General Hospital as a Case Manager.  Liz was connected with Lighthouse through other board members and her desire to make a difference in the community and advocate for needs and resources for families and individuals with disabilities. Liz serves as the Chair of the Quality Assurance Committee and has served on the LVS Board since 2012.

John Clough

Board Member

Garden Spot Distributers 

John and his wife, Ruth, live at Garden Spot Village Retirement Home in New Holland, PA, and attend the Community Church there.  John has been serving on the Lighthouse Board for many years but is always eager to learn more.  He has thoroughly enjoyed learning about the best way to run organizations like Lighthouse from all the other Board members throughout the years.  He is a businessman and owns Garden Spot Distributors.  He loves flying airplanes, and offers his plane and services to Angel Flight and Patient Airlift Services for transporting patients all around the Northeast part of USA.  His greatest joy in life is serving others. John serves on the Finance Committee and the Nominating Committee and has served on the LVS Board since 1977.

Christian Glick

Board Member

Sunset Valley Metalcraft

Chris and his wife, Rachel, live in Leola, PA, and are part of the Old Order Amish Church. They have seven children.  Chris owns Sunset Valley Metalcraft, a metal fabricating shop in Bird-in-Hand, PA.  He first became involved with Lighthouse when he was asked to join the Board.  He feels very inspired in his work with the Board, as he appreciates the value of the services that Lighthouse provides, and he is glad to help out where he can.  He assists on the Lighthouse Auction Committee by driving a route to collect goods for the sale, and pitching in wherever needed. Christian also serves on the Property Committee and has served on the LVS Board since 2010.

Steve Huyard

Board Member

CH Sauder Trucking LLC

Steve was born and raised in New Holland, PA and lives there today with his wife Elizabeth.  They have nine children and seven grandchildren.  They are part of the Old Order Amish Church.  Steve runs the Mascot Machine Shop and the Iron Art and Design Welding Shop from their home.  He has been involved at Lighthouse since 1999 because of community connections, and his brother, Levi, currently participates in the program.  Steve is also active in the Clinic for Special Children in Strasburg, PA, and he also serves on the Board for the Parochial Medical Center in New Holland, PA.  He feels happy and privileged to be a member of the Lighthouse Board.  Steve serves on the Nominating Committee and the Property Committee, and also has much involvement with the Lighthouse Auction Committee.  He has served on the LVS Board since 2011. 

Beverly Leisey

Board Member

JBT Bank

Beverly and her husband Bruce live in Stevens, PA.  She has led her entire life here in Lancaster County.  She and Bruce raised their two daughters and a son to follow Jesus, and they recently became grandparents to a grandson. Since 1994, Beverly and her family have grown pumpkins and fall decorations at their farm in Clay township, and have a stand where they sell these items.  She began her banking career in 2008 and worked in several different capacities at several different banks.  Her current role is a Commercial Relationship Officer for JBT Bank. In 2017 she discovered Lighthouse Vocational Services, and as she learned more about the vision and mission of the organization, she could not help but want to get involved.  She volunteered in several different capacities and stated that she always left feeling like she had received more than she was giving.  She believes that LVS is truly a light for Christ shining bright for all who have the opportunity to walk through their doors.  She began her service on the LVS Board in 2020.

Larry Martin

Board Member

Keystone Quality Motors

Larry and his wife, Elva, live in New Holland, PA, and recently began attending Petra Church.  God has blessed them with two wonderful daughters and two awesome sons-in-law.  In 2017 they were blessed with two grandsons. Larry served as the New Holland Fire Chief for 22 years.  He recently retired from this role but continues to serve as a mentor and in administrative roles with the fire department.  Larry and Elva own Keystone Quality Motors along with multiple other businesses in New Holland and both work there in various roles.  Larry enjoys hunting and spending time at the family cabin.  Larry appreciates the mission of Lighthouse and began his first term on the LVS Board in 2018.

Tim Stauffer

Board Member

Stauffer Diesel

Tim and his wife Brenda live in Ephrata, PA, are blessed with three children, and recently became grandparents.  Their oldest daughter, Alicia, attends Lighthouse two days per week and has worked at Lighthouse since December 2013.  The family attends Weaverland Mennonite Church in the Lancaster Mennonite conference[SG1] .  Tim and Brenda are employed by Stauffer Diesel Inc.  Brenda is a bookkeeper, and Tim is production manager of Stauffer Diesel’s Stadco Products line of specialty generator sets. Employed by Stauffer Diesel since he was a teenager, Tim also currently serves as Corporate Vice President, and Treasurer.  In his free time, Tim enjoys running, taking walks with Brenda and Alicia, reading books, and restoring old engines and tractors.  Tim is excited about continuing to build on what Lighthouse has been doing for many years, taking on the challenging task of providing vocational training for persons with developmental disabilities, and providing a Christ-centered, safe environment for those persons to develop their God given potential.  He began his service on the LVS Board in 2019.

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Ron Steiner

Board Member

Earl King Construction

Ron and his wife Lauri live in Stevens, PA and have five children and two grandchildren. Ron’s middle son has developmental disabilities, giving him a special connection to the work of Lighthouse.  The Steiner family attends Twin Valley Bible Chapel in Morgantown.  Ron has been in the construction business for more than 30 years, and seven years ago became a co-owner of Earl King Construction in Leola, PA. Earl King Construction serves the community as a general contractor for the residential and commercial sectors. Personally, Ron enjoys building things of all shapes and sizes. He spends time in his home workshop building furniture and metalworking. He also enjoys family activities with his wife, children, and grandchildren. Ron became more acquainted with Lighthouse while spearheading a construction project at our facility, which included expanding the second floor and adding offices, as well as remodeling interior space. He knows the community we serve at Lighthouse by way of his middle son. He is excited to serve at Lighthouse and to help move the organization forward in whatever ways possible!  He began his service on the LVS board in 2019.

Landis Zimmerman

Board Member

Zimmerman Oliver-Cletrac

Landis and his wife Esther live in Ephrata, PA and are the parents of nine children. They attend Conestoga Mennonite Church of the Groffdale Conference.  Landis is the managing partner of Zimmerman Oliver-Cletrac, a company that provides parts and service for the Oliver and Cletrac wheel and crawler tractors, and has been in business since 1987.  The Zimmermans’ connection with The Lighthouse began when their son, Timothy, started working in the program in late 2006.  Landis chose to accept the Lighthouse Board position because he feels that Timothy has been helped greatly during the last 10 years that he has been in the program.  As a parent and a businessman, Landis hopes to play a small part in helping Lighthouse continue to provide a great level of service to their clients.  Landis serves on the Quality Assurance Committee and the Finance Committee and has served on the LVS Board since 2016.