Community Participation

We are person-centered and do our best to match participants with opportunities that help them grow and gain new skills. We have partnered with several non-profits around Lancaster County.

Some of the businesses we serve are: CrossNet Ministries, Grocery Outlet, New Holland YMCA, Blessing of Hope, Brethren Village, Meals on Wheels Lancaster City and many more!



We volunteer at over 16 area non-profits. Volunteering has led to many relationships with community members and businesses. Some of the places we volunteer at are Crossnet ministries, Country Gift and Thrift, Blessings of Hope and New Holland Re-Uzit.



We currently have an internship with New Holland Grocery Outlet. Our internship contracts last 1 year and the participant goes once a week. Internships are a great way to gain job experience!

Self Improvement

Individuals that volunteer and have internships with CPS gain job skills and independence to work towards competitive employment.   

For more information regarding our Community Participation Supports and how we may be able to meet your business' needs, please call: 717-354-0355 or email us at