Employment Services

This is a highly personalized service for participants who have expressed a desire to work in the community and whose interdisciplinary team has assessed the person as being capable of doing so.

Help expand our network!  Our job coaches would love to partner with you to provide job training for work opportunities at YOUR place of business!


Supported Employment

This is a program that is broken into several phases: Career Assessment, 

Job Finding & Development and Job Support. These individuals are directly hired by employers. ​

Small Group Employment

Small Group Employment or Mobile Work Crews consist of participants  who are interested in trying different types of work in the community and are supervised by a job coach and make at least minimum wage.

Alex on his first day at Stoltzfus Meats

Transitional Work Services

Transitional Work Services focus on providing opportunities for participants to work at a business performing a variety of tasks. Work performed in this program includes cleaning, lawn mowing, weeding, labeling, packaging, etc.

We currently work with businesses at 17 locations and employ mobile work crews of varied sizes.

For more information regarding our Employment Services and how we may be able to meet your business' needs, please call:

717-354-0355 or email us at info@lighthousevoc.org.