A Bright Future

Two and a half years ago, Jovahley Labady walked through the doors of Lighthouse for the very first time. Since then, she continually shows her willingness to grow in many areas to work towards meeting her goals. A driven young woman, Jovahley has both big dreams and the determination to make them happen.

When Jovahley began her Lighthouse journey, her schedule included only working on jobs in the Vocational Training Program. However, it now comprises of a mix of vocational training, community outings, and volunteering with the Community Participation Services (CPS) program. Jovahley states that Lighthouse means “working and friends.”

She enjoys going to the Ephrata ReUzit shop and volunteers with CPS at Treasures Market in Lancaster and at Meals on Wheels. She also engages in singing with her friends in the Lighthouse Music Program.

Jovahley recognizes that she is a hard worker and takes pride in both her sense of humor and her friendliness. She learns new things quickly, completes her job assignments accurately, and is commended for her honesty. Her interests outside of Lighthouse include crocheting, styling hair, and relaxing by listening to music or watching TV.

Jovahley singing with her friends in the Lighthouse Music Program

Jovahley is goal-oriented and hopes--one day--to get a new job at Lighthouse. Her program specialist, Amy Horne, remarks that Jovahley has grown in many areas even in just the nine months she has worked with her. “She has increased her social skills, level of appropriate interactions with her peers and she is now ready for Small Group Employment.” These accomplishments are a great step toward her goal!

Another desire of Jovahley’s is to take college classes and eventually have her own house or apartment.

Amy shares that she has “blossomed as both a worker and a person” and looks forward to continuing to help Jovahley reach her full potential in the future. We are glad for Jovahley’s presence at Lighthouse and look forward to seeing what is in store as she continues to dig deep into her desires and pursue her dreams!

Ashley Hankins~~ Program Associate


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