A Season of Gratitude

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough."- Melody Beattie

With the turn of the calendar page, we shifted from crisp autumn weather to straight cold-and I even spotted a few white flurries! Here at Lighthouse, we are also gearing up for Thanksgiving as November begins and there is much to be thankful for this season!

Several participants in the Vocational Program eagerly shared what they are grateful for:

“That I have a job!” -Valerie B.

“My family.” -Caitlin S., Jovahley L.

“My dog.” -Jack F., Jimmy M.

“Friends.” -Tim H.

“That we can go to job sites for Small Group (Employment).” -Tim Z.

“Family from Philadelphia coming for Thanksgiving.” -Dwayne L.

“God, my parents.” -Joseph S.

“Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s…the food!” -Debra D.

Thanksgiving—corn, ham, pumpkin pie.” -Thomas M.

“That I get to see family.” -Marianne B.

“My parents.” Chris M.

"My favorite TV show, Henry Danger.” -Rico M.

“Cicadas.” -John S.

“My family and friends, our freedom, nature, a warm house to live in.” -Linda S.

Pictured here: Jimmy M., Jovahley L., and Rico M.

Pictured here: Dwayne L. and Joseph S.

Pictured here: Tommy M.

One thing we certainly learned this year we that we cannot always control our circumstances. However, we can control our attitude and our response to situations in which we find ourselves. We wish you and your family a season marked by gratitude and love for one another!

~Ashley Hankins, Program Associate


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