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Action Committee Formed

"If you don't create a great, rewarding place for people to work, they won't do great work" - Ari Weinzweig

After the entire Lighthouse Staff attended John Maxwell's simulcast "Live2Lead" training in October, our CEO Kirt Barden asked all staff three questions:

1. What do we need to get rid of at Lighthouse, which means, it’s of no value?

2. When do we say "no"?

3. If you were Kirt, as CEO, at this time, what one thing would YOU DO NOW?

The leadership team realized they needed a way to actively integrate the many excellent suggestions that were made in the staff's feedback to these questions. For this purpose, an Action Committee was formed, with the intention to implement new ideas that would enhance the function and culture of Lighthouse.

The Action Committee is made up of staff from a variety of departments, including Shane Davis (Employment Specialist), Deb Flynn (Office Administrator), Tyler Furlong (Warehouse Coordinator) and Sharon Metzger (Senior Program Specialist). We are already off to a good start!

Joanne Creel (Accounting Specialist) suggested that a scripture verse or inspirational phrase be put out on the sign in front of LVS. This week a quote from Joanne went up on the sign. Watch for it as you drive by Lighthouse.

Several other staff suggested putting into practice a regular devotional time. Starting Monday, December 14, Gabby Romano leads prayer time from 7 AM-7:30 AM. It will be a time for staff to log on virtually through Microsoft Teams and pray for Lighthouse, our staff, participants, and families.

Several other ideas are in the works and will soon be completed. So, watch for more updates.

~Sharon Metzger- Senior Program Specialist

*See below Joanne Creel pictured with the sign and her suggested inspirational phrase*


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