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Art Lovers, Unite!

Every week it is a joy to see the colorful, unique creations the individuals in our art classes produce. It is also a joy to share the beauty!

"This week we worked on a collage project. First, we created the pieces for a larger collage that we then put together. We used watercolor washes, and drawings to cut and tear apart to glue onto a larger canvas to create a picture. We have been working on this for 2 weeks now. It is a fun and creative way to see everyone use the skills they are learning." ~ Dustin Horne

"Here is Jared Brenneman’s collage about Camping. He created all the pieces for the project and then created his collage. Such a cool version of our project!" DH

"This is Marissa Esh’s Collage. She colored and made all the pieces, cut them out and made a collage of flowers with them. She did awesome with this project." DH

Here is Angie Weber's beautiful collage.

"Here is another collage Angie did on her own with left over materials and some glitter!" DH

"Last week in arts and crafts the participants made lady bug and bumble bee pieces to play tic tac toe with friends and family." ~ Connie Rutter

"My arts and crafts class did a shaving cream painting, then they turned the painting into a picture." ~ CR


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