Community Connections...

Lighthouse participants participate in many different programs during a typical day.

One of these programs is Community Participation Support (CPS).

When participants go out into the community with CPS, they are accompanied by a LVS staff member and have the opportunity to explore and volunteer. Lighthouse partners with many local non-profits where participants build community connections, have fun learning in a safe environment, assist others, and grow their skills.

One such place is the Middlecreek Wildlife Management Area where they engage in delightful bird watching and increase their learning about wildlife in the area at their visitor center.

Jovahley Cord and Lori Cord

The participants seem to make quite an impression wherever they go.

Another popular outing: Art of Recycle. The following is a statement from - Creative Director and Volunteer Coordinator - Chelas Montanye - at the Art of Recycle in Ephrata:

"Your staff and volunteers are wonderful to work with. We have grown our team this year and they have helped to create a better work flow than we have had. Your volunteers will have plenty of work to do to help us. Thank you for all you do!"

Charlotte Dale Emily

Needless to say, our CPS program is a great experience for participants, staff and all the places we visit and volunteer.



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