CPS and Employment Updates

Lighthouse works to be an organization which provides excellent services while also maximizing the talents of staff. Recent changes to our structure reflect movement toward both objectives.

As of February 1, 2021, Eileen Campbell (pictured left) is promoted to the role of Community Participation Services Coordinator. Eileen has been employed with Lighthouse for 1.5 years, beginning in the Employment department. Prior to Lighthouse, Eileen worked for Philhaven.

Eileen has worked alongside Cheryl Brooks in the Employment/Community Participation program since July. Her primary role has been managing the schedule for CPS and Employment staff as well as identifying activities for people to engage in during the day.

She brings a fresh vision and passion to grow the CPS program. We are excited to see her grow in this new role.

Cheryl Brooks (pictured left) is responsible for Employment Services. Cheryl has been with Lighthouse since 2017. She was instrumental in connecting with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) to expand Lighthouse’s ability to provide Employment service.

Cheryl oversees mobile work crews and Supported Employment through both OVR and the Office of Developmental Programs.

~Brian French, Director of Programs


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