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CPS Update!

New Volunteer Opportunities On The Horizon

Participants engaging in the Community Participation Supports (CPS) program continue to encounter a variety of opportunities through hands-on community outings and volunteer experiences.

CPS participants are still volunteering weekly at local nonprofits such as Unto Global Logistics Center, BCM International, and Country Gift & Thrift Shoppe. Volunteer tasks at these locations include light cleaning, and sorting and packing donations. Participants continue to volunteer for Dynamis World Ministries and Woodcrest Retreat on a monthly basis, where they assist with stuffing envelopes and putting labels on bulk mailings.

March looks to be a month of exciting new volunteer opportunities! CPS currently has

volunteers sorting donations at Ephrata Area Social Services twice a week. However, starting Monday, March 8th, CPS will be adding a third day of volunteering at EASS. Beginning in mid-March, participants will have the chance to help out on Thursday afternoons in the retail books section of ReUzit on State. Here volunteers will be tagging books, placing them on carts, and shelving them in the store. Lastly, by the end of the month we are hoping to join Meals on Wheels specifically for delivery of meals in the New Holland area, most likely once or twice per week.

On days when participants are not volunteering, CPS staff continue to be creative while taking participants on community outings. While Park City Mall, Wegman’s, and That Fish/Pet Place are still the favorite stops for most participants, in February, participants also explored places such as Dollar General, Walmart, Good’s Store, Esbenshade’s Garden Center, Shady Maple, Hobby Lobby, and various thrift stores around the county. Staff and participants alike are hopeful for springtime weather to arrive in order for them to begin enjoying more activities outside!

*Pictured above from top to bottom: Margie P. is enjoying time at the mall, Lori R. is sorting donations at Country Gift and Thrift and Jared B. is shopping around the mall.

~Eileen Campbell- Coordinator of Community Participation Supports Services


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