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Customer Spotlight: Pretzelphoria

For the past 20 years Lighthouse has been packaging pretzels for Lynn DeBlois and her company Pretzelphoria. This relationship has allowed our participants to learn many skills that include: packing, weighing, heat sealing, labeling and boxing. We love to hear the hum of the pretzel tumbler on our Food Line. With flavors like Knots of Garlic, Holy Holy Cow, Pizza, Crab Fest and many others, Pretzelphoria has a snack for anyone. Recently Lynn said, “They are the lifeblood of my business as they flavor, pack and label my pretzels. I could not manage my volume without them. This is such a fine organization, so concerned with helping its vendors, that when work gets really swamped, management steps in and helps with the pretzel packing”. We greatly appreciate Lynn and the work she provides our participants. Make sure to go to and check out Pretzelphoria’s full line of product.

~ Nate Bouffard, Creative Marketing Manager


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