Embracing Reinvention

~ By Jeff Lamp

The Senior Management team at Lighthouse has invested a great deal of time and energy assessing pre-COVID management structures and job roles. We asked ourselves, what does Lighthouse need at this time? What are the gifts, talents and interests of our team members and how can they be best utilized to benefit the participants and Lighthouse? As a result, several changes have been made.

The Program department has been rearranged to create two new positions, Senior Program Specialists. In this role, Paul Ashway will oversee Vocational Training/Production activities and Sharon Metzger will oversee Strengthening Pathways, our Adult Training Program.

Jen Swanson will fill the role of Program Specialist with responsibility for those participants who pay privately for their services, and responsibility to connect with the Parent Auxiliary.

Ashley Hankins will now fill the position of Program Associate, lending her excellent attention to detail to auditing records, making enhancements to the structure of the production area, ensuring the timely completion of state-required documents, and taking a lead role in Lighthouse’s use of SetWorks software.

Pam Wise has accepted a newly created position, which is Manager of Quality Assurance, Compliance and Innovations. Her role will span HR, Fiscal, Program and Marketing. Pam will also focus on creatively integrating engaging online activities to enhance remote services. This position was created as a result of a decision to combine Community Participation Services (CPS), our work with the Office of Vocational Rehabilition (OVR), and ODP Employment Services under the leadership of Cheryl Brooks as Director of Employment and Community Services. Due to Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) communications as they pertain to safety precautions, we believe the reopening of these services will take place on a phase-in basis. Given the reduction in CPS Community and ODP Employment Services, this is a logical step as we adapt to constantly changing conditions.

With the consolidation of Employment and Community Participation services into a single department, an Associate Program Coordinator position was established. Eileen Campbell has been selected to fill this role, in which she will focus on supporting the Director of this department; day to day operational support, conducting needs analyses to increase opportunities for participants, and scheduling.

Another employee changing roles with an eye toward the future is Gasper, “Gabby” Romano, formerly a Small Group Supervisor, who has accepted the role of Manager of Church Relations. This role is responsible for developing and maintaining valuable relationships with Churches in the local community. Gabby will work with Don Sweimler, LVS Pastor/Van Driver to build upon the church and community relations for which Don has laid the foundation.

Finally, Maryellen Summers, formerly an Employment Specialist has accepted the role of Human Resources Associate.

We celebrate our deeply talented and committed staff who are ready to embrace the growth and opportunity available to us through these changes. We know that God is glorified when we understand our employees’ gifts and optimize them to serve our participants to their highest potential. We are moving forward with refreshed vigor to see God’s marvels unfold before us.


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