Farewell and Hello...

This past year has been amazing with support from all of you--your blessings, prayers, donations all have helped mold who we are and what we do.

With all of the ups and downs, Lighthouse has many positive changes to look forward to in 2022. But one change comes with happiness and sadness.

On December 31, we said goodbye to Sonya Kendall, LVS Donor Advocate and hello to Michelle Coblentz, LVS’s new Donor Advocate. Both of these ladies sat down together and composed a letter to you:


Farewell and Hello,

Directed by GOD, the last three years and ten months have been a gift that I now and always will treasure. Working in community and donor relations has allowed me to be a part of the amazing ways that Lighthouse has grown getting to know those who support Lighthouse in many different ways. Developing relationships with participants, their families, our staff, our board, individuals, and businesses has been a great honor and joy!

It is with much sadness that the end of 2021 will complete my work at LVS, and I will miss you all. It is simultaneously with much joy, that I introduce you to Michelle Coblentz, the new Donor Relations Advocate. Michelle brings lots of passion for LVS as a seasoned staff member with a plethora of experience from working with participants in several departments. She brings abounding enthusiasm & energy as well as being very personable. I believe that she is a perfect fit for this position and is a blessing from the Lord.

~~Sonya Kendall


In the time I have spent at LVS, I have enjoyed getting to know all our great participants and staff. I remember welcoming Sonya to LVS when she first started and enjoyed working with her in several capacities over the years. She has a heart for GOD and generally cares for everyone she comes in contact with.

I have held several positions at LVS, most recently, as an Employment Specialist. I feel GOD is leading me into a new season and am very excited to see what HE is going to do through this new endeavor. I’m looking forward to fostering new relationships and to be a blessing to our community. I hope to make connections with individuals, businesses, and communities forming mutually beneficial partnerships.

~~Michelle Coblentz

LVS Development Team from left to right: Katie Martin, Crystal Smeltzer, Sonya Kendall, Michelle Coblentz, Kirt Barden and Gabby Romano.


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