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Growth Amidst Adversity

Lighthouse Vocational Services celebrates the growth unique to each man and woman served within its various programs. For some this means improving their ability to complete more difficult work tasks, or increasing the pace at which they work; for others it looks like building their communication and interpersonal skills, or developing a greater willingness to try new activities.

Amber Bryan is a young woman who has shown exemplary growth in her communication skills with her peers and staff, and who has taken advantage of new community participation activities over the past several years. Amber is often quiet around people until she becomes very familiar with them, and she benefits from support and encouragement to share her feelings and her needs throughout the day. At times this can take several months.

In the last couple of years especially, Amber’s confidence in herself and in her communication abilities has soared. With near-constant changes as the building was renovated, new staff were hired, and programs expanded, Amber has transitioned well and has been willing to go to new locations in the community to work on Thursday afternoons. Additionally, she often participates in the spring cleaning of New Holland Borough’s planter boxes along with several of her peers.

Amber enjoys being a part of her community and regularly goes for walks, or to the local pool when the weather is nice. Her dog, Hannah, is important in her life, as is her family. Most mornings, Amber arrives with a story to share about what she did the night before, and the joy on her face when she talks about her nephew is contagious!

While she is not able to attend the Lighthouse facility at this time due to the COVID-19 shutdown, Amber is excited to take advantage of remote trainings being offered by Lighthouse via Google Hangouts. She is also volunteering alongside her mother at the local fire hall. Here, she helps prepare lunches for community members and delivers meals to those who are unable to leave their homes. Amber’s mother, Cindy, shared that Amber is doing a phenomenal job with this and is beginning to settle into a routine, despite navigating such uncharted waters. However, she misses the interaction with her peers and friends at Lighthouse and cannot wait to see them in person again! Mrs. Bryan is hopeful that Amber will be able to use the skills she is learning through preparing and delivering meals in other ways when she returns to Lighthouse.

We anticipate the day when Amber’s smiling face and servant’s heart will walk through the sliding glass doors at 144 Orlan Road once again, brightening the spirits of both her and the rest of the Lighthouse family.


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