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Jared on the Scene

Jared B. is one of our participants in the Strengthening Pathways program. Jared has been attending Lighthouse since November 2017, and typically attends five days a week. Some of his favorite things to do at LVS are, emptying trash, sweeping floors, and cleaning up areas when they are finished being used. Jared takes a lot of pride in being helpful to his peers and staff during his day.

With the Covid-19 Pandemic affecting the daily routine for many of our participants, Jared has adjusted quite well to the changes. During our first closing from March 17, 2020-June 29, 2020, Jared chose to participate in some of the remote services. He participated in Cooking, Music and Art until we were able to re-open.

Upon the re-opening Jared returned to LVS 4 days a week and continued to take some of the remote services on the day he wasn’t attending. It was during the return to LVS that Jared really started using the skills he learned through the remote services. Jared showed great interest in the creative art Card Making process that we developed for the Beacon Box. That project grew to an on-line store fundraising project that Strengthening Pathways is currently doing. Jared really enjoys creating beautiful watercolor paintings that we then cut down and attach to cardstock, label, and bundle together into 5-packs for sale on the website. Jared enjoys helping with all these separate tasks and did a great job helping to accomplish this project. Jared also enjoyed participating in the cooking activities that we did at LVS. These activities included, Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole, and various Lunches that were prepared for everyone.

With our most recent closing, Jared has chosen to continue with some of the remote services. He was most recently taking Art and Cooking and has added some Community Participation Service outings in the community as well as an Exercise class. Jared enjoys being around people and is very helpful to others. Many times, Jared will notice someone needing help with something and offer to help. Jared likes to stay busy and is a joy to have at Lighthouse.

At home, Jared lives with his parents and brothers. Mom has shared that Jared also enjoys helping around the house with chores, taking out the trash and recycling, sweeping and various other daily activities. Jared’s favorite holiday is Christmas and he loves to help with decorating the Christmas tree. Jared and his family also enjoy spending time at their cabin and being outside in nature. Jared is very calm-natured and has a genuine heart, he is always willing to help others and has a great sense of humor. We really enjoy having Jared as a participant in the Strengthening Pathways program and look forward to the day we can return to Lighthouse with our regular programming.

Dustin Horne, Program Specialist


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