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Lighthouse Plans to Re-Open after COVID-19 Shutdown

Dear Lighthouse Team,

On Sunday, April 19, Lancaster Newspapers printed an article about Lighthouse.  The article discusses the situation that Lighthouse, as well as many non-profits find themselves in, of needing to find creative new ways to bring in revenue throughout the COVID-19 shutdown.

Lighthouse is in a hopeful position.  We have several staff working avidly to reach out to our community, grant-givers, partnering businesses, and financial institutions to secure the needed funds to last through the shutdown and re-open when permitted.  We have been approved for an SBA loan through Ephrata National Bank and are strategically managing funds with plans to re-open when it is safe to do so.

Lighthouse staff is also providing remote training courses to many participants, as well as remote OVR services, which allow us to continue to serve needs and also bring in revenue.

We are thankful to Lancaster Newspapers for working with us to share our story.  However, the headline of the printed article could be misconstrued to indicate that Lighthouse is closing. We are sending this message to assure you that we expect to re-open after the shutdown. We are moving forward with action, confidence and faith and God has already provided in many palpable ways.

As always, thank you for your support and we pray that all may remain encouraged through these times of change.

Kirt Barden, CEO


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