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Lighthouse Plays Ball!

Lighthouse has partnered with the Lancaster Barnstormers this year, for some very awesome opportunities for the individuals we serve!

Tanner throws out the first pitch

Early this May, Tanner was the first Lighthouse participant to have his story read to the entire crowd, AND throw out the first pitch!

Tanner is part of our OVR program.

To say that it was a huge success is an understatement. The pure JOY that Jeff Habecker (Tanner's Dad) had in his voice was just amazing to hear.

Not only did he state that this was a memory that the entire family will forever treasure, but that it was so heartwarming for him and his family to see the genuine happiness and smiles Tanner showed throughout the entire night and day after!

Not only did Tanner get a chance to throw the first pitch, have his story read, and meet the team, but they also made him captain of the game where you deliver lineups with the managers AND gave him a $20 gift card to Play it Again Sports, and to top it off, it was a Fireworks night!

Jeff said he felt Tanner’s story was heard and recognized for all of the hard work Tanner has done through Lighthouse and Signature while working with his son.

Thank you to Lancaster Barnstormers for hosting us and everything you have done and continue to do for Lighthouse.

Dates of upcoming LVS/Barnstormer nights:

May 28-Rachel Sensenig

June 4-Mitchel Kauffman

June 11-Tommy Carr

July 9-Dale Landis

July 17-Jimmy McMillin


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