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Bible Class with Jen Swanson

Last week my Bible class started learning about the Fruits of the Spirit.

Chanse, Jon and Angie all enjoy the music that we do motions to or sing along with, and sometimes just bang on pots and pans to make noise.

Each class we do an experiment to see how God shows us the fruit of the spirit. We made God’s love overflow with vinegar and baking soda and red food dye, and inflated a balloon with vinegar and baking soda on an empty water bottle; and tomorrow we will make corn dance in a mason jar.

Each lesson we also play a game and last week I didn’t get to the game fast enough and Chanse asked -when are we playing the games today!

Each individual in class takes a turn at giving prayer requests and praises and then takes a turn to pray.

Thank you everyone for all you do!

~ Jen Swanson


Art Class with Dustin Horne

Here are some results of a project we worked on in Art Class! All the participants are really enjoying the projects and doing a great job with them.

I mentioned to them that I plan to have an Art Wall for them to display their work once we get back to LVS. We may even do an Art Show to sell some of their work to raise money for our programs. They were all really excited about those possibilities.

It’s so much fun to see what everyone creates, especially since I can’t see what they are working on until the end.

~ Dustin Horne


Cooking Class with Sharon Metzger

We have had a few weeks of cooking class. Last week we made pancake bites, and everyone chose what they wanted in theirs. Some of the choices were blueberries, dried fruit, chocolate chips, peanut butter, jelly, and bacon. We even mixed some together to make PB & J. There were a lot of thumbs up because everyone was busy sampling.

This week we made deep dish pizza cupcakes. Most of the chefs used pepperoni but some ventured into ham, chicken and broccoli.

~ Sharon Metzger

Angie Weber's pizza cupcakes made all our mouths water!


Exercise Class and Social Skills with Kaitlyn Deemer and Ashley Hankins

A highlight for my first exercise class is that there are two participants who can be very shy and only communicate with very few words verbally. But, it has been great to see both of them interact with me more as well as see their willingness to participate in the class.

For my second exercise group, I have enjoyed seeing the participants progress so quickly! It is amazing how much they remember from one class to the next.

In the Social Skills class which I teach with Ashley Hankins, the group was very quiet in the beginning and did not answer many questions. As we have gotten further into the material, some of them are starting to answer our questions and also ask questions of their own pertaining to the topic that is being taught that day.

I have been enjoying teaching these classes because it gives me a different way to connect with the participants than I have before!

~ Kaitlyn Deemer

A positive from each social skills training that we’ve had so far, is that Chanse always asks Kaitlyn to pray either at the beginning or end of the class which I just find so wonderful.

~ Ashley Hankins


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