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Lighthouse's Pandemic Response in Action

~Kirt Barden

On Monday, June 29, Lighthouse reopened its doors to participants after being shutdown for 102 days during the COVID-19 red and yellow phases. During the months of closure, the Senior Staff, the board and other key Lighthouse team members diligently prepared for this moment.

Throughout the spring, amidst week-to-week uncertainty of when our facility would be able to reopen, Lighthouse formed a Pandemic Response Team (PRT). The PRT oversaw preparations for a safe reopening. This team will also monitor and implement ongoing updates on COVID-19 safety measures.

In preparation to reopen, the PRT developed a thorough Safe Work Handbook which details protocol for safe operations. The handbook includes screening procedures for those entering the building; cleaning schedules; vehicle disinfection instructions; safe workspace parameters; hygiene for health; and much more. All staff underwent training in the handbook procedures prior to returning.

Lighthouse also made physical preparations. Vinyl and Plexiglas barriers were set up on the production floor to create safe, easy-to-clean work areas. Offices were rearranged to accommodate a safe number of persons per room. Marks were placed on the floor to indicate 6-foot gaps for social distancing. No-touch paper towel dispensers were installed at hand-washing stations throughout the building. Lighthouse vehicles were decked with plastic barriers and sanitation checklists to be followed after each ride. These, and many other details were adjusted to create a safe work environment.

Lighthouse began a phased plan of reopening by welcoming a limited group of individuals and staff back into the facility on June 29. Those participants returning were determined by their wish to return as well as their completion of team meetings which confirmed their readiness to follow safety protocol. Each day has seen an increase in participants and corresponding staff members able to return.

It has been with deep consideration, day-by-day examination, and prayerful gratitude that we have opened into this new COVID-conscious environment. We realize that we are all living in a new reality and moving with measured steps. It is with care that we are finding ways to operate that protect the well-being of all and continue life-giving activities.

We have received extraordinary support from our community through donations, communications, and encouragement during the shutdown. We celebrate God’s clear provision despite significant revenue loss due to the closure. We are humbled by the number of those who want to see Lighthouse continue to thrive. As ever, it is our mission to provide the best services possible in a Christ-centered environment to promote personal growth, hope and opportunity for the individuals who come to us. We are grateful to continue to serve, and we thank you for your support which has allowed us to do so!


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