Lighthouse through the Coronavirus outbreak

From the Heart of Kirt Barden, CEO:

On Monday, March 16, the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) pronounced that all CPS providers like Lighthouse must close programming until further notice, to follow health and safety ordinances during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Prior to that, while attending a Mennonite Health Services gathering at the beginning of March, I had become alert to the seriousness of COVID-19 around the world. In preparation, and leaders at Lighthouse began meeting daily to stay updated on the rapidly changing recommendations and implement enhanced sanitation practices.

Since closing its program doors for the duration of the pandemic, the senior staff team has worked to ensure that Lighthouse can continue to provide services where possible, in the new “normal” of remote/online servicing; provide staff, families and our community with relevant information; and be prepared to re-open when it is safe to do so.

Our Human Resources department has stayed abreast of the changing employment laws, so Lighthouse can make choices to best support our staff during this time.

Our Finance department, along with myself and our board, has focused on strategically managing resources and applying for loans which could assist Lighthouse with re-opening and payroll needs.

Our Marketing team has focused on ways to keep our community updated and encouraged through online tools.

Our Program team has closely followed updates from ODP to stay abreast of ideas and regulation alterations, which temporarily permit services to be offered differently due to the situation.

The Program Team got creative to develop a set of remote classes, which are now being offered to groups of Lighthouse participants online and include subjects like Baking, Exercise, Seed-planting, Worship Time, Circles Training, Sign Language Class, Stress Management, Job Skills, Careers to Consider, and Interactions on the Job.

We thank all of the Lighthouse staff, who have exhibited extraordinary grace, patience, and faith as we have walked in this time of the unknown.

We thank our board for their prayerful guidance as we’ve sought ways to sustain Lighthouse and show our care for the staff.

We thank the Lighthouse community, who has shared countless uplifting words over phone lines and emails, to let us know we are in their prayers and they look forward to our return!

We miss seeing the faces of our Lighthouse co-workers. With everyone, we wonder what the world will look like when this unexpected era subsides. But we know, above all, it is a faithful God we serve, Who holds all things in His care, Who knows us each by name, and Who guides us step by step in a way we can trust. For this we remain ever-grateful.


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