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LVS Covid-19 Update

Lighthouse COVID Update

Lancaster County’s positivity rate moved past the 10% threshold, to 11.3%, which places us in the Substantial range as defined by ODP. Our original intent was to remain open while closely monitoring the metrics. However, we received a letter from ODP late Friday afternoon, November 20, strongly recommending that we close. Remaining open would have meant substantial changes to policies and practices related to mitigating the spread of the virus as well as heavy scrutiny from ODP.

Consequently, a decision was made to close all facility-based services. How long we remain closed is not known at this time. Current guidance from ODP states that we cannot resume facility-based services until the positivity rate in Lancaster County is below 10% for 14 consecutive days.

Our team has reached out to families whose participant was receiving facility-based services as of November 20. We are grateful to offer services which are delivered in community settings. Those services are:

· 1:1 in their home

· Community based activities

· Remote online services

· Small Group Employment

We are also continuing Supported Employment and OVR services.

We welcome suggestions of volunteer opportunities or other activities in your local area. Arranging for groups who live near each other to do activities in their area simplifies transportation and provides an opportunity for people to connect with their community.

Even though our facility is closed, many staff are responding to the opportunity to serve families in new ways. During this time, we will continue to coach and train our team, based on their strengths.

As we grow as staff, services to participants are more effective, thus enhancing their growth as well.


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