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Meet Gabby Romano: Manager of Church Relations

~ By Gasper (Gabby) Romano

With all the changes that Lighthouse is going through, I am honored and excited to move into a new role as Manager of Church Relations.

In this role I will foster valuable relationships with Churches in the local community. I will also be working as Assistant to Chaplain Don and help with special events and projects.

My wife and I moved to Pennsylvania in 2004. Originally, I am from New Orleans - some of you may have heard Kirt Barden refer to me as a Cajun from Louisiana. My wife is a professional pastry chef from Tokyo, and we love making trips to Japan. Before working at Lighthouse, I worked several years in ministry with those in recovery from addictions at long-term shelters. I have held chaplain and pastoral roles, as well as being a crisis counselor.

In 2018, I was between jobs and praying for God’s direction when I saw Kirt Barden’s LinkedIn profile and noticed he had authored a book on Hurricane Katrina. Through him, I learned about Lighthouse. I didn’t have any previous experiences in working with special needs, but I became interested as I got to know Kirt and he invited me to the auction.

I began at Lighthouse that July as a one-to-one direct support professional and have continued in that role for almost two years. I also attend monthly ministerium gatherings as a part of the Community Relations team.

With the Coronavirus pandemic, Lighthouse began to reinvent itself. I was asked to teach online Bible studies, and exercise classes for the remote programming Lighthouse developed in response to the quarantine. I honestly look forward to each time that I can meet online with our well missed participants.

Now I am excited to start into my new role as Manager of Church Relations. I am so blessed to work with the wonderful people at Lighthouse! I have a true passion for Lighthouse and will use my gifts to serve as God leads.


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