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Moments of Joy

Each week, through the friendly glow of computer screens, Lighthouse individuals are staying connected and growing together in our remote classes. Here are some highlights:

Chefs in Training: Cooking Class with Sharon Metzger

May 18: The chefs in the cooking class satisfied their sweet tooth last week. They wrapped a marshmallow in a biscuit dipped in butter and cinnamon sugar!!! I heard from a couple of them that they disappeared fast.

May 25: Last week the cooking class made baked oatmeal. They were adventurous trying out chocolate chips, banana, raisins, apples.

June 1: The chefs last week made Lazy Day Lasagna. Since it is Italian we wore the colors of Italy’s flag, either green, red or white. We also learned some lasagna facts. The chefs are learning tips about cooking and using what they have learned. I am hearing many positive comments from family about what the chefs are cooking!

June 8: The chefs from the cooking classes made individual pineapple upside down cake. We have been having guest visits from some of the staff and everyone enjoys sharing their cooking skills. Greg Newman received a talker right before we went out for quarantine. He has been using it often to talk to everyone in his class.

Exercise Class: Moving with Purpose

~ Highlights from Kaitlyn Deemer and Jackie Baskett

New Moves: During the first few weeks of my exercise class, I had a participant who would be hard on himself when he struggled to understand a move that I was teaching. When this would occur, I would encourage this participant by saying that it does not have to be perfect. The point of the class is to get moving. Now, when he struggles with a new move, together we come up with a very similar move that he can perform. This process has really given this participant more self-confidence. It has also pushed me as an instructor to be more creative as well as flexible when changes need to be made on the spot. ~ KD

Cheering Each Other On: Caitlin S and Alejo B have been doing a workout group with me twice a week. They both have such positive attitudes and give their absolute best during our sessions. They cheer each other on, and today Alejo showed us his new horseback riding helmet he got for his birthday, and Caitlin and I sang to him for his birthday tomorrow. Caitlin shared she’s been sending birthday cards to people as well. It’s really been heart-warming to see how we are all keep connected and supporting each other through this. ~JB

Making Connection: I have one participant who communicates with an ipad. When he first logs onto class, he will use it to ask me how I am doing. Then we have a short conversation with each other. ~KD

Creative Spontaneity: This week one of the class members delighted me by not only remembering a move that was taught, but by adding that move into an appropriate spot in another song that was being moved to in class. ~KD

Favorites: I asked the class what their favorite pieces of choreography are and they told me which moves they most enjoy. Now I can incorporate those moves into other songs! ~KD

Sharing Happiness in Social Skills

~ By Ashley Hankins

Family Joy: A highlight from our social skills class is that Marissa and Kayla shared with us that they are now aunts! They will be able to visit their new niece this weekend which is something they have been looking forward to for quite a while. 😊

Art, Art, and More Art!

Thanks to Connie Rutter, Dustin Horne and all who shared these great pieces of art from their remote Art Classes!

My arts and crafts group made sunshine ☀️ cards , their goal is to give or send it to someone to brighten their day. ~ CR

The Creativity just keeps flowing!


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