Music To Our Ears

The Lighthouse Music Group is a relatively new addition to our expanding list of programs.

Lead by Suzanne Delahunt ~ Coordinator of Music and Arts - she has brought together an eclectic group of musicians involving vocals, rhythm and strings; this program option exists both on our virtual learning platform and in person.

Suzanne says of her group: "I enjoy the process of learning together, and listening to the progress as the group practices and masters the music. I also enjoy playing music with great people!"

Each musician brings a different talent to the group; they range in age and musical experience, but when they get together, they come alive and seem to love what they are doing!

Pictured here (L to R): Jovahley, Linda, Rosa, Neal and Christopher

When watching and listening to these talented individuals, it's easy to see that they enjoy praising the Lord through musical expression.

The group were recently able to practice at Forgiven Worship Center in New Holland, giving them a taste of what it's like to be on a stage with professional lighting and sound.

Lighthouse thanks Forgiven Worship Center for their time, space, and support!


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