Neal Burkholder - A Man of Many Talents!

Neal Burkholder is a long-time attendee of Lighthouse Vocational Services who participated in several programs over the years. At this point in his life, Neal is excited for a new opportunity in the way of LVS’s latest venture—the S.T.E.P., or Shining Through Every Person” program.

In the S.T.E.P. program, Neal enjoys the variety of two different programs: in the morning, he utilizes his skills at work while he earns a paycheck, and then in the afternoon, he participates in Strengthening Pathways activities which include educational videos, rounds of trivia, arts and crafts, and many others. Recently he was able to follow the process of hatching quail eggs from sitting in an incubator to slowly hatching. Now there are several tiny chirping balls of feathers in the Great Room!

He especially looks forward to making cards for all occasions, which can be found online or in the LVS lobby. He also likes learning about Lancaster County history and animals.

For several weeks, Neal gathered with a few of his peers and Suzanne Delahunt ~ Coordinator of Music and Arts ~ in the afternoon to rehearse for our annual banquet. Just last week, Neal played his guitar as the group recorded “I’ll Fly Away” at a local church; the music video premiered at our banquet on Thursday 10/21.

We are excited for Neal and for others who can now work on further developing both their vocational skills and their interpersonal skills through work, education, and daily enrichment activities throughout their day.

~~Ashley Hankins ~ Program Associate


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