No Mask Can Hide Our Excitement!

We're Back! Things may look a little different, but we are so excited to be here!

Smiles all around for Dezaray R. with her van driver Joe.

Just like Mitchel K., all of the individuals begin their day with proper hand washing.

While maintaining social distancing, of course!

Then the work begins! Check out all those corner boards that Cord M. completed!

Each individual has their own work space. This is also where they take lunch. Staff are always around to assist with any questions the individuals may have. Dale W. is working on corner boards. Check out all those finished pieces!

No mask can hide Jeff M.'s smile as he works on Alert-All Fire Safety Packets. They are a big favorite around here!

Tyler (staff) is waiting to count Alejo B.'s Alert All packets. Each work area is designated with lines to distinguish work spaces and walking spaces.

The work floor may look different but the work is still the same :). The partitions help us keep inline with CDC recommendations to remain socially distant.

Here is the back area of the work floor. More individuals hard at work!

Finally time to head home, Griff C. can be seen here safely using Lighthouse transportation while following social distancing guidelines.


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