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Not So Remote...

Thanks to technology, we are able to stay connected with friends even though we are not in the same location.

Kaitlyn Deemer (Program Specialist) has been teaching her exercise class online since April. Her classes began as 30 minute sessions and everyone worked hard to learn the motions. In September, we increased the classes to 60 minutes; Kaitlyn and her class made a smooth transition. They are currently learning two songs and chair exercises which gives everyone a break from standing.

Kaitlyn is now utilizing more equipment during her sessions to give a varied dynamic to the class. She is using a better speaker so everyone can hear clearly and she now has a second screen to share engaging and helpful visuals like a spinning wheel to show the next exercise. All of these tools have helped Kaitlyn in creating a healthy environment where everyone is involved and communication is more effective with each other and Kaitlyn.

Exercise is therapy. Anonymous

Chris Kelley and Jen Swanson have been holding Lunch Bunch on Tuesdays and answer a lot of questions from the BIG GREEN HAT, Mad Libs, and this past week they played BINGO.

~Rico M. enjoys Bingo during Lunch Bunch

~Syniesha O. loves playing Bingo during Lunch Bunch

Mitchel K. was the BIG winner this week with a bunch of wins! All of these activities are interactive with staff and participants at Lighthouse. Aaron B. recently joined our group and he enjoyed talking to everyone as he participated. The BIG GREEN HAT can ask a variety of questions from--"what’s your favorite color?" to "if you could own a business what would it be?" Ben M. said he would like to own a bow tie and suspenders shop while Ellen F. said she would own a candy shop. DonnaLee O. shared her screen with us to show her playful new puppy and she even had her nephew join in with us for the activities.

Suzanne Delahunt (Director of Music) has been teaching music classes since April, and recently started teaching book club and cooking. Suzanne’s book club is currently learning about the Gettysburg Address and not only did they read about it, but listened to a video about the Gettysburg Address.

"Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation,..."

Cooking with Suzanne has been fabulous! Everyone in the class takes turns at choosing a recipe to make. This past week , Brittney A. suggested they make orange chicken and pumpkin mousse. The dishes turned out deliciously amazing.

Dale W. showcasing his Buttermilk Chicken, Roasted Potatoes and sautéed spinach

Dustin Horne (Program Specialist) and the Guided Art class is just finishing up a “choose your own adventure art” where they roll the dice and pick the space and designs they want. The instructors are continuing to expand the program and are always looking for creative ways to bring quality programming to everyone at LVS.


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