Opportunity to Advocate on behalf of Adults with Disabilities re: 14c

Hello Friends of Lighthouse,

On Friday, November 15, our CEO, Kirt Barden attended a hearing in Washington DC regarding the Department of Labor 14c exemption, which Lighthouse currently operates under (special permission to pay workers with disability according to their productivity, instead of minimum wage).  The 14c exemption is in danger of being revoked, and there are advocates on both sides of this issue.

The first four Youtube videos at the link below, show most of the Nov. 15 hearing.  Kirt had the opportunity to testify in the evening, and if you would like to see his testimony you can watch him around the 46th minute of the video that appears to the farthest left (the one that says “Open Comment” at the end of the title).  (Youtube is currently disabled at Lighthouse so you would have to watch it at home).

To see the hearing:

If you or anyone you know would like to give your feedback about this issue to the Commission that held the hearing, you can send it in written form to by December 15, 2019.

To Kirt’s surprise, there were many strong advocates against the 14c.  However, those of us who believe that it serves an important purpose in allowing providers like Lighthouse to offer viable employment to adults with disabilities, are passionate and ready to let our voices be heard as well. 

Below is a letter written by Lighthouse staff, to be placed by Representative Tom Murt in Pennsylvania newspapers in the near future.  Articles like this

discuss the vital role that the 14c exemption plays in giving adults with disabilities the choice to be employed at a facility-based workshop such as Lighthouse.

Now more than ever it is a pivotal time for those who believe in the value of the 14c exemption to let their voices be heard.  Please consider sending your feedback to the link above by December 15, and spreading this opportunity to others you know who can also show their support.

Thank you,

Lighthouse Team


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