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Lighthouse is celebrating having our facility doors open once again. However, Lighthouse workers can also be found keeping busy at local business sites around the area. Here is a look at what our mobile work crews are doing right now!

Small Group Employment (SGE): We currently have participants working at businesses such as Kauffman’s Fruit Farm & Market, Salem Evangelical & Reform Church, and Levi’s Building Components. Crews are also going out twice a week to mow at various locations around the county. Starting Monday, July 13, we will start a two-week trial with a cleaning crew at Vision Corps in Lancaster. We will also be returning to ELANCO Library to clean starting on Thursday, July 24.

Dwayne L. is working hard at Salem Evangelical & Reform Church.

The Lighthouse Mowing Crew is helping Salem Evangelical & Reform Church look its best!

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR): Lighthouse works with OVR to assist individuals ready to transition into the work force. Josiah Bacon is currently serving 15 individuals in the adult program.

Community Participation Supports (CPS): CPS staff is currently offering online remote services to participants through classes such as cooking and book club. Other staff are facilitating activities that can take place safely in the community, such as walks at the Peaceful Healing Journey garden in New Holland. Others are providing one-to-one services in participants’ homes. We hope to be sending out crews to volunteer at a few available sites by the end of the month.

~ Eileen Campbell, Associate Program Coordinator


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