Participant Spotlight: Bethany Sneller

Bethany has worked at Lighthouse for many years, and during the months of quarantine has been taking part in Lighthouse's remote program. Her sunny personality has brightened our days from afar and we are eager for her return very soon!

Bethany is one of our avid Exercise Class participants!

If excitement is what you are looking for, Bethany Sneller is your person! With a warm

smile, she is eager to share about whatever fun adventure she is anticipating--whether that is a family vacation, her siblings coming home from college, a day of volunteering with Community Participation Services, or maybe most of all, her birthday.

Talk about a birthday celebration! Each year on the day that just might be more fun for her than any holiday, Bethany is joined at Lighthouse during one of her break times by several of her family members who lead the participants and staff of Lighthouse in a chorus of “Happy Birthday,” followed by a delicious variety of cupcakes. The elation on Bethany’s face is contagious, the culmination of nearly a month of daily anticipation of this day!

During Bethany’s work day, she focuses intently on completing each task to the best of

her ability, whether that is completing manipulative math kits, filling fire safety water bottles, or assembling school kits for anything from science to art or physical education. When new jobs arrive, Bethany is willing to try her hand at them and often picks up on the tasks quickly.

Of course, the last few months have been anything but typical, but Bethany has adapted to the circumstances with ease. Although the opportunity to socialize with her peers in person on a daily basis was removed, Bethany has been taking advantage of several online classes through Google Hangouts including music, exercise, and book club. Her book club leader, Ingrid Mora-Smith, often begins the sessions with a lighthearted game of “Would you rather?” or “Who can find___?” She commented on Bethany’s enthusiasm, sharing that it is a blessing to the group as her laughter helps the class feel a little more “normal.”

Although Bethany was unable to continue volunteering at Ephrata Area Social Services

for a few months, she certainly had plenty of activities to keep her busy! The weather outside

was gorgeous; and Bethany soaked up some Vitamin D as she played frisbee golf and

cornhole. As many other people did as well, she has been able to enjoy a slower season of extra time with her family.

As Lighthouse has begun in-person services again, Bethany has plans to return soon and we cannot wait to have her excitement and enthusiasm for both work and for life back in the building. With her birthday just around the corner, it may look different this year but one thing is for certain--we will joyfully celebrate with Bethany all month long!

~Ashley Hankins


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