Participant Spotlight- Cassandra F.

The past year was abounding in changes and new beginnings at Lighthouse, and for one young woman this meant stepping into Lighthouse for the very first time.

Cassandra Flynn arrived at Lighthouse less than a year ago in the middle of our first reopening, as she entered the pre-vocational training program. Here she worked on piece rate jobs such as folding corner protectors, collating and packaging quilted wall hanging kits, and assembling fire safety kits and school kits. Since her admission in August 2020, Cassandra has broadened her horizons by participating on both Small Group Employment teams and outings with Community Participation Services. Her program specialist, Paul Ashway, remarks that Cassandra “has really grown in the area of being flexible and trying new things.”

A few important things to Cassandra are her family, her church family, and her apartment. She is an independent young woman who has strong aspirations and is blessed by the support of her family and LVS staff as she works toward achieving them. Ideally, Cassandra desires to obtain part-time employment in housekeeping or another type of cleaning position. When asked about her hobbies, Cassandra shared that she enjoys spending her spare time with her family, going to church, watching “I Love Lucy” or “The Muppets”, and of course, cleaning! Cassandra’s mom, Debbie, highlights Cassandra’s personable nature. “She loves to be involved with her church and get together with family for a big meal, and play games with family.” With a caring, helpful personality, she also loves to visit the elderly.

During the seven months Cassandra has been with Lighthouse, she has shown improvement in positive work relationships with both her supervisors and her peers. In Cassandra’s words, she has grown “by listening to job coaches and taking direction even when it’s hard.” With hard work, though, comes great rewards! As she moves toward her goal of competitive employment in the future, Cassandra is continually learning how to keep and hold a job for a long period of time. Each step out into a new venture, each phase of growth, each lesson that is learned, will serve as a means to achieve that goal.

We are delighted to have Cassandra with us at Lighthouse and for her words of wisdom—she leaves us with this: “What I’ve learned about being at Lighthouse is to always be yourself and be confident in who God made you to be, not try to be someone you’re not meant to be, and to always fulfill your destiny to your highest potential.”


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