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Participant Spotlight: Tim Dixon--exploring a new "path" at LVS

If you are looking for a man with a smile plastered to his face, Tim Dixon is your guy! For the past 28 years, Tim has been part of Lighthouse—for most of this time, he worked in the 2390 Vocational Training Program, but more recently Tim decided to take part in Strengthening Pathways where he has been attending since April 2021.

Kirsten Weiler, a Program Specialist in the Strengthening Pathways program, acknowledged, “Tim is a joy to have in the Strengthening Pathways program. He always comes in with a smile and greets everyone. He has adjusted well to a new schedule and tried a lot of different activities, such as art, games, cooking, etc. Tim brings a great sense of humor into the room and loves to joke and laugh with staff and other participants.”

As I walked into the Great Room, Tim sat with his coworkers and staff watching a tour of the jellyfish exhibit at the Baltimore Aquarium. In traditional Tim style, he joked around with those around him and shared that he brought “H2O” instead of his usual Mountain Dew for his morning break—but when I asked if he would like to be interviewed for the spotlight article, he responded, “Of course!” without hesitation.

Tim’s excitement to be back at Lighthouse after over a year of not attending is contagious. He enjoys having a larger variety of activities to choose from including arts and crafts—more specifically, coloring or making beautiful cards for all occasions. James Stone, a Direct Support Professional at Lighthouse who works with Tim, raved about Tim’s artwork as well as his focus and attention to detail on the projects he completes.

On Tim’s table sat a small bin of art supplies and markers for him to access throughout the day, as well as a completed puzzle of a dolphin! He and James shared that they are keeping their eyes open for a frame for it so Tim can preserve it and admire his handiwork.

Outside of Lighthouse, Tim is fond of having time to relax and take things at a slower pace. When asked if he has any exciting summer plans, Tim shook his head, then rested it on his hands as if he was sleeping. He also enjoys talking on the phone with his family members regularly in order to stay connected with them, as they are an important part of his life.

We are grateful to have Tim join us at Lighthouse again more recently, and we look forward to seeing more of his artistic creations in the future!

~Ashley Hankins - Program Associate


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