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Raise Wage Act

Please read and respond to Kate McSweeny's Action Alert regarding Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act

ACTION ALERT Tell Congress TODAY to Vote NO on the Raise the Wage Act

In January, the United States House and Senate introduced companion bills to raise the minimum wage over time.  The bills, H.R. 582and S. 150, The Raise the Wage Act, include language that would eliminate Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act, which would eviscerate opportunities for people with significant disabilities who enjoy and want to keep their jobs.  On Wednesday, March 6, the House Education and Labor Committee marked up and voted in favor of H.R. 582 on a party line vote.  YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED TO TELL CONGRESS THAT 14(C) IS A VITAL OPTION FOR MANY PEOPLE WHO DESERVE THE DIGNITY OF WORK.  Go to the ACCSES Action Center RIGHT NOWand tell your Members of Congress to not let this Bill go to the House floor with this provision in it and, if it does, to VOTE NO.  When the Education and Labor Committee held a hearing recently on the Raise the Wage Act, only people who spoke against 14(c) were included on the Panel.  YOUR VOICE MUST BE HEARD.  ACT NOW.  Send an Action Alert.  Call your Members of Congress, particularly your Representatives, and tell them to remove this provision of the Bill or VOTE NO.  Tweet your Members.  Facebook your Members.  Get your message heard.

Kind regards, Kate McSweeny Vice President of Government Affairs & General Counsel ACCSES


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