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Remote Classes - New Semester Brings More Choices

New Classes Available starting Monday!

We are excited to share some new additions to our On-Line Remote Classes offered by the staff at Lighthouse. This cycle of classes will run from October 5th, 2020 - November 27th, 2020. Bible Studies, Cooking, Art, Music, Sign Language, Exercise and Book Club will continue to be offered. In addition, we will be adding some new exciting classes. Those classes include:

Guided Art- Where class participants guide the Instructor to create a group drawing to later be used in an Adult Coloring Book for LVS.

Coffee Café- Class participants log in to have Coffee or Tea with the participants of Strengthening Pathways during their morning break. Socialization with others is our goal for this group.

Crock Pot Cooking- This is an early morning class, meals will be prepared early so dinner will be ready in time. Focus will be on Fall Soups.

Lunch Bunch- Similar to Coffee Café except the participants will join the Vocational Program during lunch and have socialization and talk time with peers.

100 Smiles- A kindness group that will come up with “Random acts of kindness” for home and the community while also addressing social skills.

Fall Crafts- A variety of fall crafts will be taught using basic household supplies.

Theatre- A fun introduction to the ins and outs of acting. No experience necessary.

Below are descriptions of classes that will be offered again:

Basic Art- Participants are led in a step by step manner to learn basic Art concepts. Color Theory, blending and basic drawing are focused on. Primary Colors, basic patterns, and supplies are experimented with. Projects can be completed in one class and will build from previous techniques.

Sign Language/Communication- Sign Language classes designed around the signs/language that is determined by Participant and team. Communication Devices and ISP Communication Goals are used to create 1:1 or small group communication opportunities with other participants.

Cooking- Participants will learn the basics of cooking, from measurements to menu planning and will prepare a meal for themselves. Different styles of food preparation from baking to BBQ will be presented and each participant will choose a dish to prepare in class. We will develop a menu for a typical family meal and prepare it to enjoy. YUM!

We have also changed the way we are scheduling the classes. Participants will choose the topics they are interested in and we will schedule accordingly.

Please contact Dustin Horne at and Jen Swanson at to sign up for any of the classes or for more information.


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