Remote Classes - Update

As our Remote Program develops, we are adding classes and longer sessions.

Lighthouse Vocational Services has been offering Remote Services for the individuals in our program since the beginning of April. When the remote services began, they were 30-minute classes with 3 individuals in each class.

On August 10th we are moving to 5 one-hour blocks Monday through Friday, and increasing the number of classes. The class cycles will run for 8 weeks. At the end of an 8 week cycle we will look to add more topics and give individuals the opportunity to change classes or groups.

Our current classes are: Music, Exercise, Cooking, Book Club, Bible Study, and Art. We will continue offer the current classes but are also expanding our classes to offer a wider variety. Some of the classes that we will be offering are: Movie Club, Writers Guild, No Stress Life Skills, Scrap Booking, Card Making, Kindness Club, Read and Chat, Animal Tours, Museum Tours, Geology Rocks, School of Croc, Crafter’s Class, Maker’s Time, and Science Explorers. If you have an interest in any of these or other topics and would like to volunteer to teach or lead a discussion with a group, please contact Jen Swanson ( or Dustin Horne (

This past week in Remote Classes...

Cooking Class: This week the chefs were ambitious! We made two recipes. Both were given to us by Peggy Leonard, the mother of participant, Dwayne Leonard. The first was a chocolate chip cookie bar made with cake mix. It smelled so good! I was teaching the class from the Lighthouse kitchen and was getting many visitors to see what I was baking.

The second recipe was fudge. Some chefs made chocolate, and some made peanut butter.

The Thursday class ended with an online trip around the building to say hi to friends.

~Sharon Metzger

Art Class:

This is Jared Brenneman’s Tissue Paper Collage. We used various colors and patterns of tissue paper and “Decoupaged” it onto a canvas board. His turned out very colorful and textured.

~Dustin Horne

*Have any great photos of you participating in a remote class or of your remote class projects ? We would love to see them! Send them to your remote teachers to be featured in our next e-newsletter.


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