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Ashley Hankins and I will be doing a “Circles” training course. This course addresses how ourselves and the people around us all fit into certain categories such as someone we know, someone who is familiar to us, or someone we do not know. The training will help the participants to not only identify which circle to place all these different people in but also what are the appropriate behaviors they should be using to interact with them.

I will also be teaching some exercise routines with fun, upbeat music. They not only focus on the importance of what exercise can do for our bodies such as stretching and strengthening our muscles; they will address the impact exercise has on our minds as well. You do not have to be an expert to do this! It is a fun way to get up and get moving!

~ Kaitlyn Deemer, Program Specialist

I am will be leading seed planting classes. The goal will be to teach individuals how to provide healthy food or beautiful flowers for themselves, and to have fun. They will learn how to prepare soil, plant seeds carefully, water them, create a miniature hot house with plastic wrap, and check on the progress of their seeds. I feel this class will teach responsibility as well as have the fun of watching their seeds mature.

~ Rosalie Lorah

We will be playing animal bingo!  Participants will have small pictures of different animals to place on their bingo card.  I will be reading facts about each animal so the participants can use the clues to figure out which animal it is. 

~ Connie Rutter, STP


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