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A few weeks ago, Heather Smith, the Librarian from ELANCO Library, joined the Book Club to discuss what it is like to be a librarian and all that the library offers. The participants told her what skills they have been learning in Book Club and then applied them while interviewing her. Heather revealed that most adults love to be read to and she loves reading to adults, so she shared her favorite book with us: Dragon’s Love Tacos by Adam Rubin. Heather offered to come back again and to give the group a VIP tour at the library when it is safe.

Neal and Andrew take Art class with Jen on Mondays. The class has learned how to draw 10 different animals and 10 different types of houses. They are currently working on how to draw cars and trucks. This week the group project was to create a whole picture together and draw a chameleon on a tree branch with the sun. Each picture looks slightly different as everyone has their own preferences of colors.

Our Coffee Talk and Lunch Bunch groups have focused on learning about St. Patrick’s Day, playing games and answering trivia. Did you know that the shamrock symbolizes the Holy Trinity? Some classes have learned American Sign Language signs or watched videos on Irish Dancing. Next we are going to learn about Earth Day!

Do you enjoy sweet treats or baking delicious foods? Paul Ashway has taught Baking Class twice on Mondays since the fall of 2020. Rosa, one of the participants, shared her recipe for Snow Day Cookies; Karen shared her Cherry Dump Cake; and Dale shared his Blueberry Pudding with delicious hard sauce. Dezeray enjoys making all these recipes and shares them with her family. The group has also made Hershey Fudgey Brownies, Amish Whoopie Pies, Monkey Bread, Mini Quiches, and a delicious Stromboli. The class works on measuring skills and kitchen safety. Be on the lookout for some of these delicious recipes in the upcoming cookbook. (The Lighthouse Cookbook will be available for presale beginning Sunday, April 18th at and in-person at the Maker's Market.)

~Jen Swanson - Program Specialist

*Pictured below - left Dezeray R. and right- Rosa H.


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