Spotlight: Griff C. - a true "champion"

People often describe Griff Champion as a pleasant and energetic young man who enjoys socializing with his peers. For most of the years he has attended Lighthouse, Griff participated in the vocational training program where he worked on different piece rate jobs. Prior to the pandemic, he regularly volunteered at Country Gift and Thrift where he helped prepare items to be sold in the store.

A few weeks ago, Griff returned to the Lighthouse facility and began a new venture in the Strengthening Pathways program. Although the day is structured differently from what Griff was used to, the staff and his Program Specialist, Kaitlyn Deemer, commented on how well Griff has navigated the change. Kaitlyn remarked, “I have been very impressed with Griff’s ability to transition so seamlessly to the 2380 program.” He took part in some of the options on his first day, but Kirsten Weiler, another Program Specialist in Strengthening Pathways, noted that Griff is now participating in more activities. She says, “We love seeing his personality come out and make us laugh throughout the day. He is a great first-time listener and very respectful to everyone."

Griff enjoys sitting and completing projects with his co-workers, especially Erik. Griff shared that he likes seeing his friends, like Erik, at Lighthouse as well as the opportunity to socialize with them and have more variety throughout the day. He especially enjoys listening to music, exercising with the group, and working on artwork or crafts.

Griff’s family and friends are very important to him. He is thankful for time to hang out with his friends outside of Lighthouse and enjoy their company while mini-golfing or bowling. Some of Griff’s hobbies are art projects, music, and exercising—it’s no wonder he is excited for the chance to now do these things at Lighthouse as well! This summer, Griff is looking forward to spending time outside and going to the beach with his family.

We are glad to have Griff’s friendly face and outgoing personality back at Lighthouse as he contributes to the growth of Strengthening Pathways while growing himself!

~Ashley Hankins - Program Associate


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