Spotlight: Stefanus K.

Get to know Stefanus-

Stefanus K. is one of Lighthouse’s newer faces. He began in our Vocational Training program in November of 2019, and in the past 14 months he has grown significantly!

Upon meeting Stefanus, his mild-mannered, polite nature shines along with a quiet disposition. Stefanus states he is glad to be a part of Lighthouse and appreciates the people because of how nice they are.

Since returning to Lighthouse over the summer after our temporary shutdown, Stefanus expressed interest in Small Group Employment services. Just within the past week, he participated on a cleaning crew at CrossFit for the first time! He is also involved in CPS services and regularly goes on community outings such as to Root’s Market or to Morgantown’s Classic Auto Mall.

When asked if there are any people who are important to him in his life, Stefanus responds, “My mom, because she loves me.” He also shares, “I have a younger sister and a younger brother. We go to church together with mom.” A few of Stefanus’s hobbies include watching movies and playing games on his own. He adds, “I also like to sing with Alexa using the microphone!”

Ingrid Mora-Smith, a Community Participation Professional with Lighthouse, remarks of Stefanus, “[He] is very quiet, but once he warms up to the people he works with he shares his thoughts and needs. He is very meticulous about the work he does. He takes his time to do the best he can.” Stefanus takes pride in a job well done, and Ingrid observes, “He likes to show his finished job with a smile.”

His pleasant demeanor is welcomed by his peers and staff. Stefanus shares his dream of helping people: “I always wanted to be a dentist. I want to help people when they have problems with their teeth.” In his current season, Stefanus explains, “I like to help people to be better at their jobs, like my coworkers.”

What a blessing Stefanus is to all those who have the pleasure of working alongside him! We are grateful for the gentleman that he is as his friendly personality and desire to help others reflect the mission of Lighthouse itself.


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