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Spotlight: Steven K.

Steven Kocher (pictured on the left, at Lighthouse before COVID) has been attending Lighthouse since April 2013. He is an active participant in the Strengthening Pathways program. On the job related side, Steven enjoys working on Math-U-See Kits, Alert All, and folding corner boards. With the new programming Steven has flourished while learning to play the drums.

Steven is currently receiving in-home one-to-one support from Lighthouse while the facility is shut down. While a staff person is with him, he participates in some of Lighthouse's virtual classes like Coffee Talk with Friends, Lunch Bunch, and Music. He enjoys seeing his friends online. He also enjoys looking at magazines and books - Steven’s favorite books are about animals. He also loves the movie series Toy Story.

At home Steven has two cats (Cali and Tristen) whom he loves to see and pet. His mother says his favorite food is applesauce and he can say the word apple in sign language! We can’t wait for Steven to rejoin us at Lighthouse when we reopen and listen to him perform on the drums.

~Connie Rutter, Small Group Supervisor


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