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Strengthening Pathways Update

We are delighted to have the Strengthening Pathways program up and running at Lighthouse Vocational Services! Even though the building was closed for a second time in November, we were fortunate to reopen for many of our participants to come back in February. Our wonderful staff have worked tirelessly to prepare the Strengthening Pathways program to be an environment where the participants can be encouraged to try new things and use their creative gifts.

An exciting opportunity is coming up to showcase the participants’ artwork to the community! The Maker’s Market will take place on April 24th from 10AM-2PM at Lighthouse Vocational Services. Some of the art and crafts created by the participants that will be sold at the market are packets of watercolor cards, decorated glass jars with painted coffee filter flowers, homemade candles, painted canvases, and framed watercolor paintings. Since reopening the building, the participants have worked hard to create beautiful masterpieces to share their talents with others.

The staff in Strengthening Pathways have incorporated various activities into the program that the participants can choose from, such as art and crafts, exercise, music and singing, sign language, educational classes, and virtual tours. The participants have had the opportunity to bake muffins and give them away to local cops in the “Adopt a Cop” program. They love to exercise to movement songs and play boom whackers when we sing together as a group. Another fun activity they enjoyed was candle making—learning how to melt wax, add wicks in the containers, and pour the wax into the containers.

The participants recently enjoyed a special visit from Gussie! Gussie is our staff Sandy’s dog, and she is training to be a show dog. Sandy shared with the group about dog breeds, grooming and training facts, and how to approach a new dog. They learned that a yellow ribbon on a dog’s collar means that it is aggressive and not to approach it. Dogs, and pets in general, can be very therapeutic, and the participants loved petting Gussie and feeding her treats. Gussie put a smile on everyone’s face!

There are so many ways to learn new things, grow in creativity, and explore new opportunities in the Strengthening Pathways program. Every day our participants come in and shine their light to those around them!


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