That feeling in the air...

As I walk around the inside of the Lighthouse building, there are little reminders that late autumn is in full effect: decorations adorn staff office doors and windows and handmade crafts made by participants dangle from the ceiling.

It’s the holiday season and it's the perfect time to see (and feel) the energy that inspires the participants and staff of Lighthouse. The excitement that this season brings is palpable!

With Thanksgiving just behind us and Christmas right around the corner, it’s almost impossible to let those grumpy feelings take over when you see Wendy and Keith wearing their Christmas sweaters and hear Matthew sharing his excitement for the holidays. It is a joy that I wish could be bottled up and shared with everyone!

As we enter this cheerful and giving season, I take comfort in knowing that

these people that I and the rest of the staff hold dear-- are thought about and cared for--thanks to the many supporters we are blessed to call our friends and family.

Lighthouse is truly a special place, and I hope that if you don’t know that firsthand, that one day you will get the chance to experience what a blessing it is to be involved with these incredible human beings.


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