Thoughts from the inside:

September 7, 2021 will forever be a special day in my life. It was my first day working at Lighthouse. It is nothing like anywhere I have ever worked. Lighthouse has a very caring attitude towards all. The light of love and caring shines brightly through everyone here. My name is Nanette Blaisdell. I am called Nan by most people. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Penn State. I have worked and volunteered in the Human Services field for most of my life.

I am a part of CPS--Community Participation Supports. Our supervisor-- Eileen makes the plan where we take the participants. There are nine staff members who take individuals out to volunteer or to spend the day out in the community doing things they enjoy. We volunteer in a variety of places--we help straighten shelves, and sort, price and package items; we even cook and do some light office cleaning.

We also have community outing days. On these days, the individuals help choose where they want to go for the day. Some of our outings include going to: parks, petting zoos, stores, the river, trains in Strasburg, the Auto Mall, and walks. We are always looking for new places to explore.

The participants make new friends everywhere they go! They always look forward to going back to see their friends again.

When in the vehicles, participants and staff always enjoy listening to music---Christian and Christmas music have been the most popular choices.

The joy that comes from each of the participants as they progress throughout their day makes me want to return and do it again. There is always a new adventure and more love to spread.

~~Nannette Blaisdell

Community Participation Professional


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