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Where does your donation go?

Lighthouse is much more than a building...

We serve our community in many ways and contribute to the quality of life our participants deserve. Lighthouse offers a variety of resources, tools, and life skills to give each person who walks through our doors the opportunities for personal growth and hope for their future.

Traditional sources of funding for Lighthouse Vocational Services provide only 85% of the total operating expenses.

To help us meet the accelerating needs of those who walk through our doors – we invite your help.

Who We Are: Founded in 1975, Lighthouse Vocational Services is a 501 (c)3 charitable organization with the mission to provide Vocational Services and Training for persons with developmental disabilities. Today, we serve over 120 participants through our facility-based, community-based and remote services.

Our Invitation: Lighthouse is looking for funding support for new and existing programs to help us meet the needs of our participants throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Ways You Can Help

Sensory Room

Lighthouse’s Sensory Room is a peaceful space where individuals with auditory and visual sensitivities can foster calm and focus. Established in 2019, we continue to expand our supply of sensory items which help individuals develop calm and centeredness throughout their day.

Your support helps us provide these items:

$25 – Handheld Sensory items

$100 – Recliner Chair

$500 – Weighted blankets $1,500 – Sensory Panels

$5,000 – This amount will allow us to purchase all needed items

$30,000 -- Sponsor the entire room with Your Name on a plaque outside the room

Private Pay Program

Lighthouse offers services through our Private Pay Program to individuals who do not receive government funding, making our full spectrum of support available for a greatly reduced cost to families. Lighthouse is one of very few local providers that accept individuals without government funding, filling a vital niche in our community to serve Amish and Mennonite communities, as well as any ineligible for government aid. We consider it a part of our mission to make services affordable even for those with low income. Individuals in this program are charged a rate that covers 30% of the actual cost of services. Lighthouse then raises funds to cover the 70% difference.

You Can Help:

$10,000 – Cover the difference of one individual for one year in our Private Pay Program

Art Program

Lighthouse’s Art Program serves individuals both in-facility and through our Remote Services Program. Its purpose is to provide therapeutic art projects that help participants develop focus, calming techniques, and sensory awareness, as well as to allow them to find joy through creative expression and accomplishment. Established in 2019 as part of our Adult Training Program, the Art Program is a favorite that we continue to develop.

How You Can Help:

$5,000 – A donation of $5,000 would enable us to supply materials for current projects while also expanding to include large canvas painting, planting, pottery making, and other new ideas.

For every dollar invested in supporting Lighthouse, the programs at Lighthouse get $0.85.

Lighthouse Vocational Services continues to grow, transform, and serve our community in new ways. Thank you for helping us meet the challenges of today and the future, additional financial support must be found. We thank you for your consideration!

Donations to LIGHTHOUSE are TAX DEDUCTIBLE to the extent permitted by law.

Our Federal Tax ID# is 23-1973053

For more information, contact us at: or


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