Why I Like CPS

One of the primary ways we at Lighthouse can ensure the services we are providing are not only effective, but enjoyable, is to ask our participants!

Lighthouse CPS staff checked in with several participants to find out what they like about being out in the community and volunteering.”

Rosa H. when asked about volunteering at Unto Global Logistics Center: “I like putting together school kits. There are different things to do [at Unto]. (Pictured left)

Valerie B. when asked about volunteering at ReUzit on State: “It’s fun working at ReUzit. I enjoy what I do. I like helping people when I price books with labels and put them on the shelves. I like meeting people and talking to people.” (Pictured right)

Stefanus K. when asked about his 6-month internship at Grocery Outlet:

“I enjoy collecting the boxes. I can

enjoy my work now that I’m more comfortable

and experienced with the work.” (Pictured left)

Joe S. when asked about volunteering at BCM International: “I love it. I like vacuuming and taking out the trash. The people are nice there.” (Pictured right)

Amber B. when asked about volunteering at Ephrata Area Social Services: “I like hanging the clothes out on the display racks.” (Pictured left)

Dezaray R. when asked about going out on CPS community outings: “I like being able to meet other CPS staff and other people. I like having the opportunity to go places I might not get to with my parents.” (Pictured right)


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