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More than meets the eye...

While working at LVS is a rewarding experience for a myriad of reasons, I will include just several of them here to give you an overall perspective on why this is true.

Our Mission - Knowing that Lighthouse rests on a faith-based, biblical foundation means that Christ-centered people lead the organization including our stellar Board of Directors and Senior staff. Seeking God first in His Word and in prayer in the decision-making process has proved fruitful since its inception in 1975. God has blessed Lighthouse in incalculable ways, and our current faithful and fearless CEO, Kirt Barden, has positively transformed Lighthouse on many levels since he came on board in 2016. This transformation is continually in process to improve all the many facets that make Lighthouse one of the premier service providers in the county for adults with mental and physical challenges.

Participants’ growth and development of the whole person-- Part of that biblical foundation means that each individual has great worth and purpose. This, of course, means that our participants are highly valued as gifted individuals with skills and talents. Our dedicated staff then have the delightful opportunity to work with them in-house, out in the community or in our ever-expanding online course offerings to help them grow and develop. Our exceptional services to our participants are not just vocationally related any longer-as valuable as that is-we will continue with that vital part of our mission. Lighthouse is continually expanding its offerings in the Strengthening Pathways program, Community Participation Support, and our newest addition—Without Walls online classes. All of these various programs are provided to enhance our participants’ lives in as many areas as possible.

Employee growth and development of the whole personThis statement is included in our job postings: “LVS provides a positive and engaging company culture with varied opportunities for career development. As with our participants, each individual staff member is also highly valued as gifted with skills and talents. Lighthouse provides a work environment where individuals are encouraged to utilize their strengths. There are many “career paths” to pursue as employees progress on their journey here. In some cases, there are even new positions created as employees express interest that meet with expanding needs.

Employees are also encouraged to provide feedback on how things can be improved. We love hearing our staff’s perspective and then see how we can implement their ideas/suggestions to make Lighthouse an even better place to work.

A more recent development is that we have all employees take an online assessment which helps them understand their natural strengths and abilities. We also started utilizing a coaching model with all staff. Employees are paired with a coach --who is another staff member--who encourages professional and/or personal growth by helping the employee set realistic goals that the individual wants to work on. This is proving to be a positive and motivating experience for all involved.

Work/life balance – LVS recently revised our vacation and paid time off policy which includes generous amounts of both. Along with this, there were also increases in pay this year for many of our positions. Everyone puts in a hard day’s work here, and these are a couple of ways we recognize and acknowledge that we highly value our staff’s effort and commitment.

Is Lighthouse a rewarding place to work? I hope you see that--yes, it is. It’s not just a job—it’s a blessing to be a part of this unique organization. Come--apply---be a blessing to others while you yourself will be blessed.

~~Maryellen Summers ~ HR Associate


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