Work Activity Center

Work is the main focus, providing employment through packaging bulk food products, performing light assembly, collating documents, recycling negatives, assembling sandwiches, folding and collating quilt materials, and a variety of other jobs.

Lighthouse staff work with participants to improve soft skills such as positive workplace behavior, social and interpersonal skills, and anger management.  Approximately 40 local companies depend on the work performed in these workshops by 155 participants.


Bulk Food Packaging

We offer a wide range of food packaging. Some of the clients we serve are: Weaver Nut Company, Dutch Country Soft Pretzels, Cherchie's Specialty Foods, African Flavours, Pretzelphoria, The Giving Bean, Dutch Valley Foods and many more!

Light Assembly & Collating

Our Assembly lines can handle many styles of jobs that allow exposure to a variety of skills for our participants. Companies that utilize our services are: Rachel's of Greenfield, Alert-All, Commonwealth Charter Academy, Math-U-See, Meridian Products, National Novelty, Hope International and more!


Hoagies & Sandwiches

Have a fundraiser or Cooperate lunch to plan for? Lighthouse provides a variety of sandwiches and boxed lunch options to fit your needs. We work with Village Farm Markets and Grocery Outlet Bargain Market to provide fresh quality ingredients for your orders.

For more information regarding our Production services and how we may be able to meet your business' needs, please call:

717-354-0355 or email us at